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Life Engineering is a trusted platform that crowd shares medical fees to reduce the impact of the rising medical costs in our society, and we help cover your hospitalization fees when you need it the most! We are not an insurance agency, we’re agents of philanthropy—driven by conscience, not just the need to save exorbitant healthcare costs nor find convenience.

With more conscience-led individuals like YOU getting on-board Life Engineering to help each other, we truly believe we can engineer a better future together and save more lives.

Join Life Engineering now. You’ll discover that this unique idea to be the best ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION to your quest in finding the cheapest medical protection in the form of conventional health insurance or medical card.

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Benefits of being a Life Engineer

Pay RM 0 if no one falls sick in the month. RM 50* maximum a month
More than 250 panel hospitals across Malaysia
RM1 million health protection limit for your crowd-shared hospitalization bills
RM5,000 Bereavement Payment

Roles in Life Engineering

LE Guest

Medical Expenses that are Eligible & Not Eligible for Sharing

Eligible for Sharing

Inpatient hospitalization costs only including:

• Surgical Fees
• Day Surgery
• Hospital Supplies and Services
• Anaesthetist Fees
• Hospital Room and Board – Maximum RM150 per night
• ICU(Intensive Care Unit)
• Ambulance Fees

Non-Eligible for Sharing

• Pre-Hospital Diagnostic Test
• Pre-Hospital Specialist Consultation
• Post-hospitalisation Treatment
• Organ Transplant

Pay RM 0 if no one falls sick!

With only less than RM50* per month, you can share your medical costs with others, help others in need, and receive a host of other great benefits.

perkongsian bulanan perlindungan medical card

*Smokers commit 1.2 times the usual amount

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