25 Mar, 2018

First Medical Costs Crowd Sharing Case in Malaysia

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It has been exactly a year since we officially launched our Life Engineering medical cost crowd sharing program.

On February 21, 2018, one of our Sharers was admitted to Taman Desa Medical Centre (TDMC) for an ovarian cysts removal operation. She was safely discharged on February 23, 2018 and the total medical bill incurred was RM11,432.95, after deducting some expenses which did not conform to Life Engineering Program Guideline. The entire admission and evaluation process had been handled by e-MAS, our professional medical auditor (PMA) to ensure its appropriateness. Attached copy of Final Guarantee Letter to TDMC. The full name and IC of the Sharer has been disguised based on our Privacy Policy.

As at March 24, 2018, we have 206 active sharers or which 25 are smokers, which shall participate at 1.2 times of the regular share. Based on the maximum crowd share limit of RM50 for regular sharers (RM60 for the smokers), the total available shared pool will be at RM10,550.00, leaving the balance of RM882.95, which shall be rolled over to next crowd share period for sharing.

Regular Sharer  181       @RM50            RM 9,050.00
Smokers           25         @RM60            RM 1,500.00
Total                 206                               RM10,550.00

Actual Final Guarantee Letter issued to TDMC:  RM11,432.95
Less shared pool available RM10,550.00
Amount to be rolled over to next crowd share period for sharing: RM882.95

RM50 (for regular sharer) and RM60 (for smoking sharer) shall be deducted from your Sharing Deposit maintained in the trust account. After this crowd share, your Sharing Deposit shall be reduced according, triggering the top up.

The following videos is about the first case in Malaysia of which a Sharer successfully got her medical hospitalization cost paid for via Life Engineering medical cost crowd sharing program.

Life Engineering Crowd Share Process?

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