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LE Guest Eligibility

Many people are interested with the concept of Life Engineering program and most of them are curious to know more about the community activities. They may nevertheless still hesitate or have some concern about the size of sharer base or other confidence related issues.  To allow these people who are on-the-fence to know more about Life Engineering, a new category of participation has been created, namely “LE Guest”.  These LE Guest can have full access to our Life Engineering system just like our regular Sharer after registration, except they cannot participate in the crowd sharing program, i.e. do not share the medical cost nor seek help to share their medical costs. They also can participate in our exciting marketing programs planned for the Life Engineering community.Registering as a LE Guest is the first transition step to become a LE sharer and/or a Sponsor, if they wish to.To qualify and remain as a LE Guest, a person must meet all the following requirements:

  1. Age Eligibility
  • The LE Guest must be at the age 18 years and above. For this Program Guideline, age is defined as “age last birthday”.
  1. Open to All
  • This category is available to any individual Malaysian of any race and ethnicity who are residing in Malaysia.
  1. Health Status
  • LE Guest does not have to meet the health requirement as he/she is not a sharer
  • LE Guest can elect to join as a Sharer if he or she fulfils the Sharer requirements.
  • LE Guest can elect to join as a Sponsor he or she fulfils the Sponsor requirements.
  1. Signing up as a LE Guest

A person may sign up for the Program via Life Engineering’s mobile apps (“Apps”) as well as via our Web App. During the sign-up process, such person is required to create a profile by providing the following:

  • Full name as per NRIC
  • NRIC number (Unique Identification)
  • A mobile number (a verification code will be sent via SMS)
  • A valid email addresses
  • Security questions and Answers
  • Agree to the Terms and Condition