Benefits of being a Sharer or a Dependent | Life Engineering    

Why Join Life Engineering?

Affordable Alternative Healthcare Solution

With less than RM50* per month, your medical bills are covered. No additional charges, commission or administration fees will be charged! * Smokers commit 1.2 times the usual payment amount.

More Than 200 Panel Hospitals

We cover all major hospitals in Malaysia, including 86 private hospitals and 135 public or government hospitals. Get medical assistance, no matter where you are in Malaysia.

RM1 Million Sharing Limit

A sharer can put forth up to RM1 million medical costs for sharing in the first year of joining. Additional RM200,000 limit for each subsequent year. This limit will refresh annually.

Bereavement Payment

RM5,000 bereavement payment in the event of untimely death, additional RM 1,000 for each subsequent year. This payment is crowd shared among sharers of Life Engineering. Upon the passing of a sharer, an amount of total bereavement payment will be credited to the account of his nominees.

Your Commitment Is Safe

We DO NOT hold your money. Rest assured, your commitment is kept safe in a Trustee account managed by an established trustee services company.

Professional Verification of Bills

All hospital bills will be processed, audited and approved by our partner Professional Medical Auditor, e-MAS, for efficient medical assistance in your time of need.

We Pay For You First

As soon as you are hospitalized, Life Engineering will fork out the money first to cover your medical expenses, when discharged only reimburse the cost from crowd sharing pool kept at Appointed Global Trustee.

Get a Professional Second Opinion

Get the additional support of a professional second opinion from our partner Professional Medical Auditor, EMAS, via email (response assured within 48 hours).

Crowd Share Nothing If All Is Well!

Say all Life Engineering members remain in good shape and no one falls sick all month. This means RM0 crowd share commitment for the month!

Get your Medical cost sharing for Lifetime

We crowd share your medical bills for lifetime with no age limit, as long as you are an eligible sharer when you sign up Life Engineering Program.

Share To Help Reduce Costs

By crowd sharing, we can collectively reduce rising (if not, exorbitant!) medical costs, and help others gain better access to medical care.

Compassionate Crowd Sharing
(Coming Soon)

Life Engineering provides a platform for patients who need medical treatment even when he or she is not eligible to crowd share the medical bills in the Program according to Life Engineering’s Program Guidelines. Sharers can volunteer to crowd share the medical cost for the patient.

30% Rebate (Coming Soon)

30% of our advertisement revenues will be allocated to Life Engineering’s Crowd Sharing Pool in order to reduce the community’s burden of paying medical bills