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Are you able to fork out RM1000 right now for any kind of emergency?

How many extras do you retain at the end of the month for pleasure? Rm300? Rm200? Next to nothing?

Do you have health protection at the ready to cover medical expenses in case the sky turns grey?

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If your answers are all negative to these questions,

Please don’t fall sick now. If it’s not the illness,

it’s the treatment cost that will kill you.

Best alternative takaful insurance coverage information

You’re headed towards financial emergency if you just sit right there doing nothing.

First, lets learn about the concept of sharing and what benefits you could possibly derive out of it.

How Life Engineering utilize the concept of sharing to give you;

Peace of mind facing any emergency

Extra savings monthly to let you do things you always wanted to

Reliable avenue to pay your exorbitant medical bills

What is Life Engineering?

What do they say about Life Engineering?