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Best health Insurance In Malaysia
12 May, 2019

Are you looking for the best health insurance in Malaysia? (Hold your horses! Read this first)

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Are you looking for the best health insurance in Malaysia? (Hold your horses! Read this first)

Best Health Insurance In Malaysia


Looking for the best health insurance in Malaysia? Well hold on, are you sure paying for health insurance is the best way to go? Wait, what do I mean by that? With takaful medical card or conventional health insurance, you’d be tied to monthly payment of RM300 per month, or you risk your health coverage plan getting revoked if you missed a few payments. What if I told you, you can get an RM1,000,000 health protection under RM100 per month? Well, that’s not quite impressive isn’t it? But what if I actually told you that RM0 monthly payment is possible to get complete health protection with a new innovative concept?

Innovative New Crowd Sharing Concept

In this new age, we must start thinking of new ways of doing things. We don’t use public phones anymore, we use smartphones to connect with each other. Taxis are getting obsolete as now there’s Grab taking commuters from A to B to C. Best health insurance? Some experts agree that the best doesn’t really exist in the first place. The best health insurance in Malaysia is now NOT a health insurance. It is an alternative to Takaful or medical card that allows you to not only significantly save on your monthly payments, but you are also become a good samaritan by being one of the sources for alleviating the pain of others who in need of medical treatments. It is called Life Engineering. The first ever medical crowd sharing program in Malaysia. Crowd sharing in and on itself isn’t new. From days of old, whole communities have been joining forces to help a fellow neighbor in need or attend to a sudden health emergency, pooling together their resources for the common good. The saying: “There is strength in numbers” rings loud and true, and it forms the basis for why we do what we do at Life Engineering. We are the first app in Malaysia that crowd shares medical fees to reduce rising medical costs in our society, and help cover your hospitalization fees when you need it the most! We are not an insurance agency, we’re agents of philanthropy—driven by conscience, not just the need to save exorbitant healthcare costs nor find convenience. With more conscience-led individuals like YOU getting onboard Life Engineering to help each other, and engineer a better future together, we truly believe the world can be a better place and lives can be saved and improved. Join us as a Life Engineering sharer today.

Cost Saving

The best insurance company in Malaysia is offering medical card insurance at the rate of RM200 to RM500 depending on age and other risks. At life Engineering, you don’t pay, but you crowd share the maximum of only RM50 a month. That, if and only if any one of the community members, who we call the Life Engineering Sharers falls ill and requires medical treatment. Up to RM1,000,000 of medical cost can be shared among the sharers. But if there’s no one falls ill for the month, every one enjoys absolutely zero fees. Yes, you pay nothing for the month. If somehow you’re not seeing the saving, let this example helps to illustrate for you.

Case 1: In March, A Life Engineering Sharer was admitted into a hospital to receive kidney stone treatment. The cost of the treatments came to RM5000. There were 500 registered sharers at the time hence the total cost was divided by 500 people. Turned out, one sharer only had to pay RM10 in March!

Case 2: In April, two Life Engineering Sharers had to undergo treatments which the compounded cost totaled up to be RM40,000. That amount divided by 500 people is RM80 each. What happens to the maximum RM50 a month talk? Worry not, in April, all sharers still forked out only RM50, and the balance of RM30 was carried forward into May.



Still Looking For the Best Health Insurance in Malaysia?

Maybe you’re looking at the wrong place. Life Engineering provides all the same coverage as conventional health insurance up to Rm1,000,000 health coverage per sharer while having to pay no premium. Medical expenses that are covered under Life Engineering program are within inpatient hospitalization costs, including:

• Surgical Fees (non-cosmetic)

• Day Surgery

• Hospital Supplies and Services

• Anesthetic Fees

• Hospital Room and Board – Maximum RM150 per night

• ICU (Intensive Care Unit) • Ambulance Fees

Not too dissimilar to any health insurance, there are certain circumstances that will not be covered under Life Engineering. This not to maximize profit as this program is a non-profit program. As we are serving the community, this right should not be abused in the quest of being fair to everybody. These medical expenses are excluded from Life Engineering coverage:

• Pre-Hospital Diagnostic Test

• Pre-Hospital Specialist Consultation

• Pre/Post-hospitalization Treatment

• Chemotherapy, electrotherapy and dialysis (unless during hospitalization)

• Organ Transplant

Are You Qualified to be a Life Engineer?

At the moment this program is only opened for Malaysian aged between 8 to 40 years old (8-40 years old is the joining age. Once you are a Life Engineering Sharer, you stay as a sharer past 40 years old, and even into your golden age). To prevent abuse, you must be currently healthy, without any historical medical procedure in record. You are highly encouraged to maintain a healthy lifestyle as the lesser chance any of you falls sick, the lesser the amount to be shared monthly. Finally, you must be an honest person with strong sense of social responsibility, with vision of a better world for everybody.

Register as a Life Engineer Now!

The registration process can’t be any simpler! There’s absolutely no signing of physical documents is required. You can join Life Engineering via the Life Engineering App downloadable through Google Play. Enter your particulars, And be on your way to help yourself and be a help for others. Or you can register via our website at, and our personnel will gladly assist you if you encounter any problem.

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