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Crowd Care Sdn Bhd

Established with the motto, “Together we connect, we save lives,”Life Engineering delivers online-based crowd sharing programs that bring together individuals who are passionate about advocating affordable healthcare, helping others in need, and community involvement.

Crowd Care Sdn Bhd (1189764) was founded to accomplish Life Engineering’s (LE) goals as the administrator of porgrams launched under Project LE. Currently Life Engineering—Medical represents Project LE’s first undertaking. Various other programs are in the pipeline and will be introduced to the LE Community in due course.

Crowd Care Sdn Bhd is a private limited company operating from its office base in Kuala Lumpur. It has appointed a third party, public and established trustee partner to manage the funds contributed by Life Engineering sharers.

Crowd Care Sdn Bhd has also established a strategic partnership with an established third party Professional Medical Auditor (“PMA”), Eximius Medical Administration Solutions Sdn. Bhd. (e-MAS) to administer the entire hospitalisation and bill verification process for the program.

Our Vision

  • Make holistic healthcare affordable for all
  • Provide the peace of mind when it comes to future medical costs
  • Allowing doctors to provide timely treatments to patients in need, excluding no one.

Our Mission

Everyone should have access to quality medical treatment and, NO life should give in to high medical costs. Unaffordability is the enemy of reliable healthcare.

Core Values

Upholding fairness, responsibility, and integrity to protect the interests of the community. Promoting a humble and adaptable environment while maintaining happiness in our working culture.

Goals and Tasks

  • Building a solid community of like minds subsidizing healthcare for each other
  • Creating an abuse-free, fraud-free, and minimizing waste in the healthcare system
  • Giving back people’s rights to healthcare, improving quality of life and prevent diseases through education.
  • Becoming the proof of concept to promote the sharing economy to be adopted by other enterprises.
  • Establishing a win-win situation for the people, investors, medical care institutions, insurance providers, and the country as a whole.

Meet the Team


Founder, CEO

Gideon Leong

Gideon Leong has over 20 years of business experience as a highly analytical and decisive self starter. Armed with a clear vision for the company, Gideon cares about instilling a positive working culture and understanding what employees need. A motivator and inspiration to all around him, he is an avid reader and knowledge seeker who is ever ready to share his knowledge with others. He is also founder of FTK Ice Cream Sdn Bhd, one of the” Top 10 Malaysian Start-Ups to Watch” identified by Focus Malaysia in 2017.

Regional Director & Chief Risk Officer

Raymond Cheung

Raymond Cheung is a seasoned actuary with over 18 years of insurance, risk management and financial technology experience. His specialty includes insurtech business strategy, enterprise risk management (ERM), regulatory compliance, actuarial & capital modeling, product development, credit ratings and fund management. Raymond is currently the insurance and strategy advisor to several insurtech companies in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and Myanmar. He is also an independent director of a SGX-listed company and a MAS-regulated remittance company in Singapore. Raymond was the Regional Insurance Lead for Grab from 2016 to 2018 where he identified innovative insurance solutions for 8 countries in Asia. Before that, he was the Chief Risk Officer (CRO) for AIG Asia Pacific and Asia Capital Reinsurance Group.

Dedicated Staff

Team Members

Manager, Business Development

Tan Chun Sian

Professional Board

Advisory Team


Nicholas Yeo

FASM Nicholas Actuarial Consulting Sdn Bhd


Dr. Kamalanathan

SPS Eximius Medical Administration Solutions


Ravinder Singh

B.Sc Actuarial Mathematics & Statistics, FMII, RFP