Disclaimer | Life Engineering    
  1. This Program is administered on behalf of Sharers by the Administrator as a platform for Sharers to share their healthcare and medical burden in accordance with the Program Guideline. Neither the Administrator nor the Sharers guarantee or promise that the Eligible Medical Expenses will be shared by the Sharers of this Program.
  2. The financial assistance a Sharer receives under this Program does not come from the Administrator’s own funds but will come from other Sharers’ monthly sharing contributions that are placed in a trustee account. Whether other Sharers choose to assist a Sharer with his or her medical expenses will be totally voluntary (not guaranteed in any way), as no other Sharers or the Administrator will be compelled by law to make such sharing contribution. However, a Sharer’s failure to share will result in Sharer’s ability to seek medical cost sharing presently and/or in the future as stipulated in the Program Guideline.
  3. Whether a Sharer’s medical expenses are shared by other Sharers or whether a Sharer receives any payment for medical expenses or whether or not this Program continues to operate, a Sharer will always remain personally liable at all times for any and all of his or her unpaid medical expenses.
  4. This Program is not, and should never be construed as, a contract for insurance nor is it offered through an insurance company. This Program is also not a substitute for insurance policy required under any legislation. There is no transfer of risk for any purpose from a Sharer to the Administrator or from a Sharer to other Sharers; nor is there a contract of indemnity or guarantee between the Administrator and any Sharers or amongst the Sharers themselves. Neither the Administrator nor Sharers are considered as an insurer under Malaysian law. This Program is not subject to the insurance regulatory requirements or consumer protections of the country.
  5. The Administrator encourages Sharers to consult a health insurance professional to further explain the difference between regulated health insurance and crowd sharing program such as this Program.