About Life Engineering

We are a crowd sharing platform where Sharers come together to share their medical bills within the Life Engineering community program. Crowd Care Sdn Bhd is the administrator of the Program. We have appointed an International trustee, TMF Trustees Malaysia Berhad to manage the Sharer’s fund as well as appointed eMAS as our professional medical auditor to handle the entire hospitalization administration process. Sharers can choose from one of the 86 private hospitals and 135 public hospitals to seek approved medical help.

Sharers voluntarily commit to contribute their monies (“Share”) into a share pool (“Share Pool”) to share the Medical Expenses of any Sharer who is in need of medical treatment (“Treatment”). The Administrator coordinates the Share to meet the eligible Medical Expenses on a monthly basis or any other suitable time intervals according to the Program’s rules and regulation (“Program Guideline”). It is important to note that the Share Pool does not belong to the Administrator. It is held and managed by an Appointed Trustee who will administer the disbursement to the Administrator as reimbursement.

We are different in many ways. We are not an insurance. We don’t collect money upfront. And we don’t collect more than the necessary medical cost sharing. All monies collected are used for medical cost sharing.

Why do you need to join Life Engineering Programme?

We do not make money out of this medical cost sharing program. Hence Sharers share actual medical costs plus only paying for a small Annual Participation Fee. If you are looking to manage your medical care costs effectively and at an affordable level, Life Engineering shall be a good consideration. Your maximum contribution is capped at RM50 per month.

This Program is not a health insurance but an alternative healthcare option that is simple, affordable and entirely funded by Sharers themselves. It is the most efficient and creative solution to the problems of escalating healthcare and medical costs and expensive health insurance policies. Through the use of technology, this Program also offers a simple and instant access to healthcare as compared to the tedious process of obtaining a traditional health insurance policy that is complex and restrictive.

This Program is available to healthy individual aged between 8 years and 40 years. Life Engineering may gradually and from time to time expand the age limit of this Program to include those aged below 8 or above 40 years subject to the different multiplication factor on monthly crowd share amount that reflects their respective health risk due to age. For this Guideline, age is defined as “age next birthday” i.e. the person’s age at a particular time with addition of 1 year.

For examples:
a. If a person whose birthday falls on 27.10.1976, His age would be 41 on 27.10.2017. His age next birthday would be 41.
b. If a person whose birthday falls on 01.01.1980, His age would be 30 on 01.01.2010. His age next birthday would be 31.

Yes, a person below the age of 19 (“Dependent”) can participate in this Program with the consent of any of his parents, siblings (who is not a Dependent) or legal guardian (“Guardian”). The Guardian shall assume the financial responsibility for its Dependent under this Program. A Dependent who is already a Sharer with Guardian, once turns 19 shall no longer require a Guardian and can continue as a Sharer.

Joining Life Engineering is strictly on voluntarily basis. Life Engineering can be a good alternative in the event of needs.

Of course. You can choose to have both if you wish and you can choose to elect whichever method to pay for your medical bills. Nevertheless, once, join you are committed to the Specific Monthly Share Amount. In fact, many participants have insurance through work or another source. They participate with us for the sheer excitement of helping others. They never expect to submit bills.

Medical costs are rising each day and we are more prone to falling sick more often and at a younger age, we provide an alternative solution to people to address their rising medical cost needs by pooling together the right and same minded people to join the Life Engineering community (become one of the sharers/life engineers) to crowd share their medical costs whenever some of them are hospitalized and required medical treatment.

a. We don’t collect premium upfront
b. You share actual medical costs incurred with others active Sharers
c. We don’t add additional costs to the amount to crowd share
d. We pay on behalf first before claiming from the Trustee
e. Your commitment is kept safe with an appointed Trustee
f. Risks are shared by all Life Engineers

a. Must be a Malaysian
b. Age 8 to 40 years old (will expand later)
c. Currently healthy (smokers pay a bit more)
d. Honest and have a great sense of community (Declaration)

Schedule of Benefits

a. In-patient treatment and Day Surgery
b. Covers major hospitals
c. No Annual nor Lifetime Limit
d. 4 Bed-Room or maximum RM150 per night
e. Bereavement Payment
f. Compassionate Crowd Sharing (Coming soon)
g. Healthy lifestyle education leading to lower medical costs

We are a program predicated on conscience and collective power of the community. Life Engineering covers most of the expenses but there are some exclusions. Please refer to Program Guidelines. We advise that you check with our program guideline to find out what items are covered under Life Engineering Project to avoid any surprises.

We have made arrangement with major hospitals in Malaysia whereby they will allow sharer’s admission for hospitalization. As long as their hospital admission and medical bills meet the Program Guideline, Crowd Care will pay the medical bills first and only then gather all bills at month end or specific period to share among the community of sharers.

Recently we are building up a group or Healthy community. But unfortunately, due to your pre-existing condition, you are not eligible to become our life engineer. Hence, we sincerely hope that you can leave your full name, contact number, birth date and email address. Once Life Engineering have new solution, we will keep in touch with you.

Kindly refer to Program Guideline:
a. Section 5.1 (Medical Expenses Eligible for Sharing)
b. Section 5.2 (Non-Eligible Medical Expenses)

Advantage of Life Engineering

Life Engineering is used for two broad purposes:

a) Affordability
The Administrator does not make money out of Sharers. This non-profit oriented Program ensures that no premium or other payment will be collected and gained from Sharers. This means Sharers contribute only to the sharing of Eligible Medical Expenses and the annual participation fee of this Program.

b) Sharers are committed to live healthy life
This Program emphasizes on the concept of shared responsibility; Sharers are encouraged to reduce the shared financial burden of the group as a whole. This creates an incentive for Sharers to make responsible and cost-effective choices in healthcare and to live a healthy lifestyle. Health and cost-conscious community will tend to have fewer medical incidents and better quality of health which lead to lower healthcare costs.

The Administrator has also established a strategic partnership with an established and experienced third party Professional Medical Auditor (“PMA”) to administer the entire hospitalization and claim process for the program. This is to ensure Medical Expenses are managed effectively and sharers get the best possible outcome in this Program. Constant education on managing one’s health and medical cost will also be provided.

Unlike an insurance company, the administrative and operating costs of this Program are kept to a minimum. Most importantly, no agency fees are required to be paid out of this Program, as the Administrator makes use of the convenience of online channels and technology to administer and market this Program to reduce costs.

What is step for hospital admission?

Kindly visit official website: www.lifeengineering.my

No really. Let us explain how it works.

Your medical expenses, will be reviewed and audited by our Professional Medical Auditor (PMA), if there were non-eligible medical expenses, these costs will be borne by you personally.

Please refer to Program Guideline, section 3 4:

In addition, you are committed to pay the monthly crowd share amount with a limit of RM50. Assuming if the month there were admissions by sharers, Life Engineering will pay for the bill first, then the total eligible medical expenses will be crowd shared by all active sharers. If there was no admission for the month, then there is no need to crowd share for that month. The Sharing Deposit is determined as two times the Monthly Share Pledge limit. Life Engineering reserves the right to revised the amount.

If at any one point Sharing Deposit is lower than the Monthly Share Pledge limit, the Sharer’s Credit Card/Debit Card shall be debited with an amount required to bring the balance to the Sharing Deposit.

What is the procedure for withdrawal / Re-join and Refund

A sharer shall be deemed to have voluntarily withdrawn himself from the Program if he fails, refuses, omits or neglects to contribute his Specific Monthly Share Amount to the Share Pool according to the Program Guideline. The date of such terminated shall be the stipulated deadline where his Specific Monthly Share Amount is due (“Terminated Date”).

The Sharer may withdraw from his Program Participation at any time prior to the end of the tenure by pressing the “withdrawal” button in the app. Upon confirmation of his withdrawal from the Program Participation by the Administrator, the Sharer remain responsible for his current Monthly Share Pledge, Specific Monthly Share Amount and other dues. The Annual Participation Fee shall not be refunded to the Sharer for any reason whatsoever. The Administrator shall have the discretion to utilize the balance unutilized credits/money to meet any medical expenses and the operating expenses incurred in connection with this Program. If there is any refund of the balance unutilised portion of the Sharing deposit decided by the Administrator, the Administrator will take up to 60 days to process for refund to sharer.

A Sharer who has previously withdrawn from the Program pursuant to Section 2.5 may re-join the Program by signing up again via the Apps subject to the following:

(i) If such Sharer intends to re-join the Program within 90days from his Withdrawal Date, he is to immediately pay to the Share Pool any past Specific Monthly Share Amount or Annual Participation Fee that he missed during the period between the Withdrawal Date and date he re-joins. His participation in this Program and his eligibility to share will automatically be reactivated (be treated as if he has never withdrawn) on the first day of the month after such arrears has been paid in full (“Reinstatement Date”) provided always that any Medical Expenses incurred during the period between the Withdrawal Date and the Reinstatement Date shall not be eligible for sharing.

(ii) If such Sharer intends to re-join the Program 90days after his Withdrawal Date, he must sign up again and be treated as a new Sharer which requires the payment of the Annual Participation Fee and subject him or herself to a waiting period (“Waiting Period”) of 90 days from the date of re-join. During the said Waiting Period, the Sharer is requiring to continue contribute his Specific Monthly Share Amount as well as keeping his Minimum Commitment Sum to the required amount. Medical Expenses incurred during the Waiting Period are not eligible for sharing.

A Sharer who has previously been disqualified from the Program pursuant to Section 2.6, may apply to re-join the Program subject to the approval of the Administrator which will be granted on case-by-case basis and on such reasonable terms and conditions that may be imposed by the Administrator.

No. The sharer can withdraw anytime by pressing the withdraw button in the app. He/she will not get the refund of the annual participate in the period of crowd share he chose to terminate. Balance will be refunded from trustee to him/her after that.

All sharing deposits are kept with the trustee. Once individual sharing deposit falls below RM100, his credit/debit card will be debited to top the sharing deposit back to RM100. So, there will always be money unless there is no sharer in the system.

What is the payment process and step for sign-up?

You have to pay RM100 annual participation fee and RM100 Sharing Deposit for crowd sharing usage later. For the processing of RM100 Sharing Deposit, you are required to bear the MOL payment gateway processing fee of 2.9% and its GST.

(i) Once the system accepts your registration, no further approval is required. Unless you have declare yourself not a healthy person and have been diagnosed with certain pre-existing conditions and/or are currently on long term medication. Hence, we will require him/she provide us with more information such as your medication details and latest medical report. We shall forward it to our Professional Medical Auditor (PMA) for further evaluation.

(ii) I’m registered, but app show me was not under Life Engineering approved age range. Life Engineering program’s current age range is from 8 to 40 years old. We are unable to process your enrolment at this point but we do have plan to expand the age range in the future. We will publish any update of our policy change on our website and will keep you informed of age change policy.

For example 1: Total medical bills for the period is RM200,000, and it will be divided by total active sharers of 10,000 persons. Hence, specific monthly crowd share amount per sharer is only RM20.

In the event, where the total Specific Monthly Share amount is more than the Monthly Share Pledge Limit (crowd share amount limit) of RM50, the Specific Monthly Share amount shall be capped at RM50.

For example 2: Total medical bills for the period is RM600,000, and active sharers of 10,000 persons. Hence, specific monthly crowd share amount per sharer is RM60. However, the Specific Monthly Share amount shall be capped at RM50. Then the RM10 will be carried forward to next crowd share.

If in the month there were admissions by sharers, Life Engineering will pay for the bill first, then the total eligible medical expenses will be crowd shared by all active sharers. If there was no admission for the month, then there is no need to crowd share for that month.

No, you are not required to contribute to the specific monthly share amount during the deferred period.

Share beyond the ability of Sharers to contribute, financial limits to sharing of Eligible Medical Expenses are required to be in place to ensure a fair utilization of the Share Pool:

(i) Minimum Sharing Amount
Once accepted and approved by PMA, all Eligible Medical Expenses will be eligible for sharing. No minimum is set at this point.

(ii) Annual Sharing Limit
There is no annual limit on the Medical Expenses eligible for sharing.

(iii) Lifetime Sharing Limit
There is no lifetime limit on the Medical Expenses eligible for sharing.

What sharers get in return is:

a. A strongly bonded community

b. A community marching towards better lifestyle and health

c. A community power to generate revenue together to lower medical cost and better rebate when we tie up with merchants. We get our life back, best investment return one can have

Life Engineering App’s guidelines

You can find the Virtual ID in the app under the Profile tab: In app → Profile.

Other enquiries

Contribution and sponsors from third parties including advertisements and other auxiliary revenues generated from this Program. It is the objective of this Program to further lower each Sharer’s financial commitment by engaging advertisers to advertise on the app platform. The right advertisers shall be engaged and to provide further information on suitable products and services to the Life Engineering Community. Part of the revenue generated from the advertisement shall be used to further lower the Specific Monthly Share Amount of each sharer. It is our vision to reach ZERO Specific Monthly Share Amount in some foreseeable future.

YES. In general, sharers do not need to deal directly with eMAS. Hospital admin will handle both admission and discharge. However, in the event of dispute or queries with regards to hospital admission eligibility as well as final medical bills at discharge, sharers may contact eMAS directly.

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