Login or Install App

Login into web portal or install the Life Engineering app. Get your IC and credit or debit card ready.

Register Yourself

Register yourself as a Life Engineer (LE) by creating your username (as per IC). This ensures that your LE ID matches with your IC for hospital admission. Fill in the details, including current health condition; read our program guidelines; and agree with the terms and conditions.

Make Payment

An RM100 annual participating fee and RM100 sharing deposit will be debited to our trustee partner account. (Note: MOLPay processing fee and GST is non-inclusive.) An auto debit will be carried out when your sharing deposit amount dips below RM50.

Serve Deferment Period

All set! As a New Life Engineer, you’ll need to observe a Deferred Period of 60 Days before you can actively seek medical assistance. You do not need to crowd share the medical bill during this period.

Welcome Onboard!

Congratulations, you’re an active sharer in the Life Engineering program and can start crowd sharing medical expenses with our pool of conscience-driven community sharers!