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17 Apr, 2020

Life Engineering New Features & Benefits

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Life Engineering began its operation in 2017 as a product new to many, that exhibits how crowd sharing concept can bring down the cost of health protection by a significant amount. 2020 is the year all of us have to adapt to a new normal of going about our everyday life. Crowd sharing being proven by Life Engineering is a viable ‘new normal’ way of getting comprehensive health coverage protection.

Talk about comprehensive, for 2020, Life Engineering is moving one step forward to enhance its health protection plan.

What’s new? Cancer treatments not only time consuming, but are also very expensive. The worst part when the treatments are only done as outpatient treatments, which normally aren’t covered by many medical cards.
Life Engineering studied this need and officially including this treatments under Life Engineering health protection plan. Currently only chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments are covered, up to RM30,000 per year.
The cancer treatments benefit is offered alongside the original Rm1 million annual health protection that is also already covering most surgeries including those related to cancers.
Join Life Engineering now and get protected with RM1 million hospitalization coverage + RM30,000 cancer treatments coverage.
As a new member/sharer, everyone will have to go through deferred period of 60 days for normal illnesses, and 180 days for critical illnesses.
As a welcome bonus, before your status becomes active to enjoy the full benefits, you are immediately covered with RM5000 accident protection.
No crowd sharing applied to you during your inactive period even when you’re hospitalized due to accidents. The cost will be crowd shared by other active sharers up to RM5000 limit.
To join Life Engineering, an annual fee of RM360 is charged to bear the cost of maintaining this program. The initial sharing deposit is maintained at RM100 hence the total cost of joining is RM360+RM100=RM460.
Seeing that from a monthly commitment perspective, you’re paying no more than RM33* per month to shield yourself from the devastating impact of high medical cost. (*the monthly cost is calculated based on RM360/12 months + historic average of monthly crowd share cost of RM3++)
RM1 million health protection+ Rm30,000 cancer treatments every year, that is a premium protection for next to nothing!
Some people are blessed with all the governments benefits when they found themselves fall into just the right circle of demographics to receive those assistance. While some others still have to bite the worst part of this pandemic.
But still, there’s no reason drop down in despair because in all crisis, there’re opportunities abound.
Be a referrer for the Life Engineering program and get paid for every person you referred to becomes registered. And it’s not a one-off income for you. You’ll receive the dividends for as long as the person renews, indefinitely.
Contact 016-5451183 to learn about this opportunity and to sign up as a referrer.
Of course, our existing loyal supporters don’t get slid between the gaps. Our existing community members get to enjoy the sweetest part of the deal.
For no limited period, there’ll be no annual fee increase for you. You’ll pay the same old rate annually to continue being as active sharers. The additional RM30,000 cancer treatments coverage is auto-applied to your account, no action required on your part.
However, to rejoin after termination, the new fee structure will apply to you.
That’s not all, starting 17th April 2020 until 17th May 2020, our existing sharers get to sponsor unlimited number of dependent sharers at RM100 per person instead of RM360 for now joiners. This limited time offer is a token of appreciation for staying with Life Engineering from the early phase.
Don’t miss this chance, make use of this promotion and get your whole family protected now!

Unsure about how to preceed?

Contact Our Representative to shoot your enquiries to, and for registration.

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