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The Importance of Partner

Life Engineering wouldn’t be here today without the ongoing support of our Official Partners, who collectively ensure that our program remains fair, efficient, transparent and above board for all Life Engineering Sharers. e-MAS is highly established organization in its own right, who provide business-critical medical billing administrative services. We’re ever grateful for their trust and support!


All crowd shared medical cases will be published and made known to the public under the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). Only legitimate cases approved and audited by our PMA (Professional Medical Auditor), e-MAS, will be crowd shared.


When one is down with illness or an accident, fast access to treatment is critical! We have partnered with e-MAS to administer the entire hospitalisation and bill verification process for the program; ensuring fair, efficient and reliable access to medical treatment whenever a patient is admitted.


We do not hold your money. Rather, all crowd shared funds are managed by an impartial, independent third party, global trustee and provider of business-critical financial andadministrative services.

Official Partner for Medical Bills Auditing

e-MAS (Eximius Medical Administration Solutions Sdn Bhd) is an established Malaysian company providing comprehensive medical administration solutions and auditing of bills, administered by experienced senior healthcare professionals. The company handles the entire hospitalization plus bills evaluation and verification process for our program, using cutting-edge information technology based solutions which include ‘cashless hospitalization’. This facility is available at all its network hospitals covering 117 private hospitals and 135 government hospitals across Malaysia.

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