Pre-Existing Condition | Life Engineering    
  • Pre-Existing Condition shall mean any Disability that a Sharer has reasonable knowledge of, prior to the Eligibility Date. A Sharer may be considered to have reasonable knowledge of the Pre-Existing Condition where the condition is one for which:
    • the Sharer had received or is receiving Treatment;
    • Treatment has been recommended;
    • clear and distinct symptoms are or were evident; or
    • its existence would have been apparent to a reasonable person in the circumstances.
  • Medical Expenses incurred by a Sharer within 5 years from the Eligibility Date as a result of Pre-Existing Conditions (whether directly or indirectly) shall not be eligible for sharing. Upon the inception of the 5 years of continuous participation in this Program and thereafter, the condition may no longer be considered pre-existing.
  • A Sharer is required to disclose any Pre-Existing Conditions to the Administrator during the signing up process. Failure to fully disclose information pertaining to his Pre-existing Condition at the time of signing up is a material violation of the shared trust between the Sharers and may subject the Sharers to disqualification from the Program pursuant to Section 2.6.
  • During the Deferred Period, if the Sharer is admitted for hospitalisation or seeks treatment at hospitals on Pre-Existing Conditions, or otherwise is found to possess any Pre-Existing Conditions the said Sharer shall lose his or her eligibility as a Sharer and his or her participation shall be terminated. All deposits of the Sharer shall be forfeited and be used towards crowd sharing of the community.
  • Medical Expenses incurred and submitted for sharing within the first 90 days of the Eligibility Date may be subject to a Pre-Existing Condition review by the Administrator, including, but not limited to, request for medical notes/records, hospital charts, surgical records, tests results or other relevant medical history information.