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We have upgraded our Sharer benefits, in summary:
• Previously RM5,000 accidental injury -> Now RM20,000
• Previously RM30,000 out-patient cancer treatment -> Now RM100,000

  • We have also updated our program guideline, some important changes are as below:
  • Crowd Share participation is required for medical bills immediately upon sign up in the event there is any necessary case(s) submitted.
  • Removal of Sponsor, Dependent, and LE Guest account categories. All Dependents and Sharers will be classified as Sharer. User account (Applicant) can add himself as Sharer, or add family members aged below 18 years old as Sharer under his account.
  • To know more about the details, please check our latest program guideline at:


  • We have stopped the log in and sign up access from Life Engineering system which means no more log ins go through Life Engineering website and LE App.
  • We have migrated all of our data into our new system, Gather Care.
  • To log in from our new Gather Care system, please visit and click the log in button.


  • During log in, you need to key in your ID. Your ID is your registered phone number and password is your  previously registered password.
  • In case your log in failed, please contact us immediately via Whatsapp at 0169471999 or click the link:


  • During the migration process, all of the Sharers under one account (Applicant account) attached to the same phone number are migrated together. Which means the account owner will still be responsible for all Sharers’ accounts under his account previously.
  • If you feel that some Sharers should be under another Applicant‘s account, please contact us as well via Whatsapp to resolve it.