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Roles in Life Engineering

LE Sharer

You are actively participating and committed to share each other’s medical costs. Others share your bills, you share theirs too! Together we connect, we save lives.

LE Guest

You can register and log in as a guest. You will have full access to the system like a regular sharer without crowd share commitment. Register as a LE Guest is a big first step that allows you to have a better understanding of our Program before joining as a full Sharer and/or Sponsor!


Sponsoring means you invite your son, daughter, niece, nephew, uncle etc. to join the program; and you pay for their monthly crowd share amount. Your family members are your dependents. While as a Sponsor, you can also be a sharer if you are eligible to join as well.


You have not reached legal age of 18 years old and above or you may not be financially capable to pay for yourself to participate in the Life Engineering program. In these situations, you can become a sharer sponsored by your Sponsor who will pay your monthly crowd share amount.