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Sharer Get Friends Program (SGF)

SGF Program allows our Sharer and Sponsor to get a small reward by sharing with their friends and family members. When sharing this wonderful program, the introducer is not only receive the reward but all also help to provide an alternative solution to their friends and family members to reduce their future medical burden. You get rewarded well when you commit to help more people.

What are the benefits to participate?


You will receive a total sum of RM150 for each successful enrolment of a new Sharer by your friends and family member.

Earn our Share Point


When you have successfully invited a Sharer to join our Life Engineering program, you earn 10 Share Points. You can get a bonus reward to participate in the profit sharing in our company. Let’s share and earn more.

How to participate?

Click the “Sign up as SGF” button and fill in the form. You will receive a
SGF contract and a 40 questions examination. Score 80% and above, and you will
receive the referral link. Start your referral reward.

Start referring this program to your friends today!

When you participate in the SGF program, you will receive a referral link. Just share the referral link and we will help you track your successful referral sign ups and reward you accordingly.