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Sponsor and Dependent Eligibility


Many people want to participate in our Life Engineering program but they are not eligible as they are not able to fulfill the Sharer’s requirements. And, many of them also want to share this wonderful program with their love ones.

A new category of participation in Life Engineering is created: Sponsor.

To qualify and remain as a Sponsor, a person must meet all the following requirements:

  1. Age Eligibility

The Sponsors must be at the age 18 years and above. For the purpose of this Program Guideline, age is defined as “age last birthday” .

  1. Open to All

This category is available to any individual Malaysian of any race and ethnicity who are residing in   Malaysia. However, only Medical Expenses incurred in Malaysia and provided by or under the direction of a Panel Hospital are eligible for sharing under this Program. Please see Project LE’s website or the App for the latest List of Panel Hospitals.

  1. Health Status
  • A Sponsor does not have to meet the health requirement as he/she is not a sharer. Hence, a Sponsor is not necessarily a Sharer.
  • A Sponsor can elect to join as a Sharer if he or she fulfills the Sharer’s requirements.  He or She will undergo the same registration process and subject to same Program Guidelines as a Sharer.
  1. Signing up as a Sponsor

A person may sign up for the Program via Life Engineering’s mobile apps (“Apps”) as well as via our Web App. During the sign up process, such person is required to create a profile by providing the following:

  • NRIC number (Unique Identification)
  • Full name as per NRIC
  • A mobile number (a verification code will be sent via SMS)
  • Select a password
  • A valid email address
  • Security questions and Answers for later verification purpose
  • Snap a picture of his or her MyKad
  • Payment card details

–              and such other information as may be required by the Administrator;

*A Sponsor MUST add a Dependent in order to complete the registration as a Sponsor.

The sponsor has read, understood and agreed to the Program Guideline, the Terms of Use, the Legal Disclaimer and the Privacy Policy; and also authorising the Administrator to automatically debit necessary amount that may be required to maintain the Sharing Deposit of RM100 for Dependent(s) with the Appointed Trustee at any point in time and the Annual Participation Fee of RM100 from credit card/debit card according to the Program Guideline.

  1. Withdrawal

A Sponsor may withdrawal his Sponsorship completely ONLY after he or she has withdrawn/releasing all his or her Dependents.


  • A Dependent must be a Malaysian.
  • A Dependent is a Sharer and must fulfill Sharer’s requirement as per Program Guidelines.
  • A person is a dependent when his or her Sharing commitment of payment is paid by a Sponsor.
  • A Dependent can have access to his or her account, subject to access granted by the Sponsor