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worst thing about covid-19 that nobody talks about
26 Mar, 2020

The Worst Thing About Covid-19 Pandemic That Nobody Talks About

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The Worst Thing About Covid-19 Pandemic That Nobody Talks About

Let’s fight Covid-19 with movement control order, more testing, social distancing, isolation, but certainly by not panicking.

Everybody, please JUST STAY AT HOME. The mantra is being repeated 24/7 on national media, and is beginning to sound like a broken record.

Yet, we see people are not following orders. When the first time the Movement Control Order (MCO) directive was out, many flocked to the supermarkets hording food supplies. Others packed their luggage and spread out in droves to their hometowns, while the religious clumped together en-masse to pray the virus away.

In the social media space, one doesn’t have to scroll too far down to start seeing keyboard warriors seething with rage behind the screen calling out on stupidity. Shout fest and finger pointings going out in every direction, and it’s not unusual to see people turning medical professional overnight spouting dubious advises. Evidently, something is off the rail here.

If you ever start to feel ashamed of the remarkable behaviours by your fellow Malaysian, don’t be. It mirrors exactly the situation in other countries too. Take Italy for example, and they’re paying for it dearly.

worst thing about covid-19 that nobody talks about

The elephant in the room

The Covid-19 pandemic is escalating at an exponential rate. Asymptomatic transmissions last on average of 14 days, so stay at home we must. The RNA based virus are prone to mutation which could exacerbate the situation. The Movement Control Order (MCO) is in place, which was already extended, meant to sever the chain of transmission, in the chase to flatten the curve before all hell breaks lose and our healthcare facility is overwhelmed.

Read the above paragraph again and ask yourself the question, can something that is factually correct be very wrong?

Malaysia’s demographic is very diverse. To funnel in the exact same message into each every one of 33 million skulls is like trying to unboil an egg. The fact of the matter is, most of us aren’t trained epidemiologists, nor studied virology and immunology. Some never even heard the word pandemic ever in their life before. For most, too much information too sudden are nothing but disorienting.

People don’t understand the what’s, and the why’s. Some overreact, while others are too impassive. And there’s some who are completely detached from the issue and unable to comprehend. Why is everybody so worked up over somebody coughing? Seeing my parents is a sin? And flatten what curve again?

worst thing about covid-19 that nobody talks about

Meanwhile, this Coronavirus rages on. It has no obligation to wait for everybody to properly digest the situation, especially not for boomers and older citizen who incidentally are the most at risk.

This is why we can’t expect everybody to react accurately towards the direction that’s only going to help the situation. Nobody is properly prepared for this. Despite several pandemics have came and gone throughout history, humanity seemed very hesitant to learn.

worst thing about covid-19 that nobody talks about

Embrace the facts, prepare for the worst

At this stage, all the finger pointings are, well, pointless. Let’s not delve in roast and reproach reaction towards the so called wrongdoers. It’s best to forgive and help along in anyway we can. For one, educate those close to you about the actual state that we’re in and what we should do, using the easiest language as possible.

It’s the nature of every chaotic situation to include every unpleasant things that we have seen. Millions of people are in this, and each individual don’t behave like a robot. We have to accept these as the intrinsic side effects of a rapidly progressing virus unknown to ever have attacked human species. And there’s so much we don’t know about it still.

I’m prepared to suit up in Chicken Little costume by saying this. But this must be said. It’s going to infect a lot more within these few months. More souls are going to part from their bodies. As painful as that may sound, there’s really no two ways about it. For survivors, brace for the possibility of the worst economic plunge you’ll ever see unfolding. By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

Or, maybe it won’t. Maybe it will quickly disappear and we’ll all be back flooding every mall in town chewing on boba tea already in a matter of a month’s time. Who knows?

worst thing about covid-19 that nobody talks about

All is not lost.

By any stretch, this isn’t the worst in the scale of all pandemics that the world have seen. Covid-19 can be considered ‘mild’ when seen in the larger context. But as long as there’re human, there will be more diseases that will accompany our existence into the future. If it’s any consolation, this is the best rehearsal opportunity for our species the better equip ourselves with the skills to deal with possibly worse diseases that will come our way. It’s not a matter if “if”, but ‘”when”.

Despite the overall disastrous outlook, we’ve seen positive outcomes bubbling up between all the despair. We used to not really care about the healthcare workers serving the public day in and day out. Today, they’re raised to superhero levels now that people realizing the immense value their line of work provides to society.

Human activities had caused massive toll to the environment and it’s sad that it took a deadly pandemic to reveal to us how much we missed the cleaner cleaner air and clearer water. Arguably, the disease actually had save thousand more lives that would’ve been impacted by pollution than the number of death it caused.

There’re many more silver linings to reflect upon if you care enough to squint at the right side of the horizon. Perhaps the universe is built-in with it’s own self correcting mechanism whether human are in it or not, and the sustainability of our own existence solely depends on ourselves alone.

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