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Dengue virus life engineering
10 Jan, 2020

Why We Apologize…

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Allow us to express an apology to one of our sharers due to some inconveniences she had to go through with her hospital admission process.

Life Engineering was formed to help Malaysian soften the impact of rising medical cost. As a direct consequence of that, the rising cost of insurance premiums as well. As far as all 13 successful cases are concerned, we’ve managed them all well. We are confident that we’re trailing the right path.

But, there’s no perfectly smooth road towards any destination. You’re going to be jolted by a few bumps and dips along the way. Having to face challenges means that you’re alive. And functioning.

Dengue virus, a real cause for concern

Last couple of weeks, the Sharer whom we shall not name here (from here on will be referred to as This Sharer) was a bit disgruntled when her calls to our office were met with dead silence. But it was a crucial time for This Sharer. Her younger sister was under great duress. The invasive dengue virus was eating away her blood platelets by the seconds. Timely treatment is paramount.

Life Engineering as a business, operates normally from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. But for emergency and admission cases, there’s always our partner, e-MAS hotline to be reached at 03-41403267, 24/7.

Probably was overwhelmed with concerns for her sister, This Sharer had overlooked the contact section in the Life Engineering Mobile App where e-MAS contact number is displayed. She went for our office number she got from our website instead, and to her dismay nobody was working during those hours.

Dengue virus life engineering
Life Engineering app icon
Dengue virus life engineering
Life Engineering app launch page

During the phone call attempts, This Sharer and her sister were already at the hospital, which happened to be NOT one of our e-MAS approved panel hospitals. To her defend, this confusion might have arisen due to this particular hospital WAS at one time our panel (2 years ago) but has since been dropped from the list. Apparently, This Sharer wasn’t made aware of this change, and also missed the updates inside the Life Engineering Mobile App, and in Life Engineering website.

Dengue virus life engineering
Life Engineering app panel hospitals list
Dengue virus life engineering
Life Engineering website panel hospitals list page

This Sharer left a voice message at our Whatsapp number and our staff did pick up on that around 30 minutes after the phone call attempts and contacted her to provide proper assistance. It was explained to her about the panel hospital conundrum and the correct admission process, both linked at the bottom of this article.

Once bitten twice shy. Well, not quite

A week after the incident, This Sharer herself carried over the same fate from her sister. The dengue virus got the better of them both. And again, the problem with admission seems to be on her tail everywhere she goes. Although this time she made it to the correct panel hospital, some miscommunications occurred between her and the hospital admission staff. It is quite strange to learn that the hospital staff were allegedly puzzled by her mention of e-MAS to them. Until we heard the voice recording (wasn’t released by MACC), she was actually saying word for word, “Life Engineer eMAS”. So, we pretty much got the idea where the confusion came from.

Anyhow, we didn’t know how the whole conversation really took place between them because we weren’t there. We did the best we could to help her poor twice bitten soul (well three times if we count the mosquito bite that started it all) by reaching directly to e-MAS ourselves, asking them to help identifying this patient for the hospital.

Gaze towards the silver lining

Sure enough, e-MAS positively established her Sharer status, everything checked out and she could have gone through with the admission process smoothly. There doesn’t seem to be anything else that could hinder her from getting admitted. Except, This Sharer had already gone with her other subscribed medical plan, without informing us.

Dengue virus life engineering
Part of the conversation between This Sharer and our staff

Alas, the most important thing is that she’s getting the treatment she needed. We wish her well. Although our admission process is made clear in the Life Engineering Mobile App and inside our website, what happened to This Sharer is evidence that something could still fall through the cracks. There’s always room to improve on.

Medical App > Medical Cards

Life Engineering Mobile App is meant to make the process even easier. The simplicity of it all is by design so that the admission process will be a DIY affair, without the need of assistance from any agent. There’s sufficient information inside the app including updated panel hospital list, which every sharer needs to consult from before headed to a hospital for admission.

Dengue virus life engineering

We encourage our Sharers to keep themselves updated and open the app frequently, especially when facing with the need for hospital admission. At the counter, simply present your profile with your name and e-MAS logo, and the staff will take it from there.

Dengue virus life engineering
Profile page - Present this at the admission counter

Why do you have to make the call?

Contacting e-MAS yourself is not an absolute prerequisite but we urge our Sharers to do it still. It is an important step that we need to include it inside the hospital admission guideline. Could be a little bit of work but it will ensure that information can reach from both angles so that your admission is prioritized, and any snag can be immediately attended to.

Again, we apologize for all the troubles This Sharer had to put up with, on top of having to battle the dreadful dengue virus. This matter is serious to us and we will always try our best to provide necessary assistance and making continuous improvements.

We assure that non of the misinformation and miscommunication were intended. It’s very unfortunate and we wouldn’t want it to happen to anyone. Due to that, here’s the reiteration of our step by step admission process to prevent future mishaps;

Hospital admission

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