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Medical Insurance Cost
9 7月, 2019

Medical Cost: June Crowdshare

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Medical Cost: June Crowdshare



How Much June Crowdshare Costs?

The 24th of every month is the due date where everybody in the Life Engineering Community will be updated on the amount of Crowdshare to be deducted from Sharing Deposit pool for the whole month. Each Sharer will start with RM100 Sharing Deposit and monthly deduction is based on the total amount of medical bills for the month divided by the total number of active Sharers. This June, there was one hospitalization case, but the final bill had only chiseled away a mere RM2.91 from every sharer’s sharing deposit for the entire month. At Life Engineering, we don’t pay, we SHARE. And we share only when there’s the need to.

Medical Insurance = Airbag?

Medical Insurance Cost

What is it like having insurance protection? Medical Insurance is like a car’s airbag. You want it to be there, but you’d never once want to have to use it. Imagine if you are paying for that airbag system every single month for it to just sit there silently. And how sure are you that it’ll pop right before your face in an event when you most need it to deploy? Would it protect you as you’d expect it to? You’ll never know until you hit something hard at 100km/h. And even that’s not a promise.

If a car’s airbag system is designed to protect you in a crash, insurance is the cushy pillow to soften the financial impact of the ballooning medical cost. Maybe it’s time to rethink your strategy in bracing the crash of a medical emergency. Life Engineering offers you the best alternative to this whole debilitating conundrum.

Zero Cost Medical Crowdshare is Not A Far Fetched Idea

Medical Insurance Cost

Rollback to the last two months of April and May, nobody had to share a single cent because there was absolutely no need for it. This platform has proven to reduce the burden of high medical cost significantly. It’s proven! In fact, last 2 years (2017 & 2018) each sharer only shared an AVERAGE of less than RM3 per month!

Medcial Insurance Cost
Actual crowdsharing history (2017 – present)

Through our actuary’s in-depth study, the maximum monthly share was capped at RM50, and RM100 annually for the administration of this platform. So far the crowd sharing amount has only hit the RM50 cap once, since the launch of this program. The more the merrier as they say. We can all have the benefit of lower monthly crowd sharing cost as the community grows.

Winners Don’t Wait

You may think that you’re young and healthy, you don’t need medical protection. But you’ll never know how long you’ve got before you run out luck when accidents or indiscriminate diseases strike you unexpectedly.

Register now and get:
– RM1 million medical protection. (Refreshed annually and increased by RM200 thousand per year)
– RM 5000 bereavement payment (increased by RM 1000 every 12 months)
– More than 200-panel hospitals in all over Malaysia
– Professional Medical opinion
– 100% Syariah compliant

Medical Insurance Cost
Screenshot of Life engineering App – List of Panel Hospitals

Click here for a comprehensive list of our panel hospitals under eMas.

Monthly Crowdsharing Update

Aren’t you curious about our June’s case that we only shared RM2.91 each? All our Sharers and even the free registered guests can see the monthly case report through our Life Engineering app platform. You can see who, when, and why, and every month on the crowd share date, we will email the final guarantee letter and the summary of the case to all Sharers. Finally, all eligible admission cases and guarantee letters are verified and issued by e-MAS (Eximius Medical Administration Solutions) to prevent fraud and abuse. Life engineering, a platform built by the people who understand, for the community to benefit.

Medical Insurance Cost
Screenshot of Life engineering App – Latest 3 hospital cases crowdshared

Together we connect, we save lives.



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